How to access CS AFS directories on your PC (Windows 7 64bit)


Download the 64-bit version of MIT Kerberos for Windows: kfw-amd64-3-2-2.msi.


Install the downloaded file. Select Typical install. 


Download the 64-bit version of Stanford OpenAFS client and Tools: openafs_installer_17300_x64.exe


Install the downloaded file. Select IFS Based Client install. When prompted for the Default Cell enter:

Select Typical install when prompted for the 32-bit client tools Setup Type. DO NOT restart the computer when prompted.


Download the krb5.ini file: krb5.ini. Copy the file to C:\WINDOWS directory. Overwrite the existing file.


Restart the computer.


Open Network Identity Manager. Click on Obtain New Credentials. Enter your CSID username and password. Enter the following (in CAPS) for the realm:


DO NOT hit OK just yet. Click on the >> button. On the AFS tab make sure Cell contains:

Click the Add/Update button. Now click OK.


Open AFS Controller. Select AFS Path from the combo box. Enter the following:


Check the Restore mount at next login box and click the Mount button. If the stars are aligned correctly you should now see your AFS home directory mounted as a disk drive.

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