Vacation e-mail responder

This guide describes how to set a vacation e-mail responder if you are using Stanford's Office / Outlook 365. 

Open your web browser and enter the Stanford Webmail's URL:

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the website (marked with a red square on the screen shot below):


Once you have clicked the gear icon you should see a list of settings appear. Click on the "Automatic replies" setting (marked with a red square on the screen shot below):


You should now see an "Automatic replies" pane that will allow you to customize your vacation response. You may set the start and end dates and customize the message. Make sure to select "Send automatic replies" and check the "Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization".


Once you are happy with the message and all the other customizations, you can save the vacation responder by clicking "OK" at the top left corner of the "Automatic replies" pane (marked with a red square on the screen shot above).

If you need to remove your vacation e-mail responder, follow the instructions above, but select "Don't send automatic replies" on the "Automatic replies" pane (see screen shot above). 

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